Children's parties

Children's parties

We offer a vast selection of services for children's parties. Maybe your looking for a few balloons for the home, maybe you need a room decorated from start to finish or maybe you need some entertainment. At All Wrapped Up we can do it all.

For years we have been creating wow factor decor and yummy treats.

More recently we have branched out and now offer a range of experiences such as nerf wars and our fully interactive Sweet shake station where the children and big children get to build their very own Freak Shake. They really are Super Shakes!!


Some images of the services we provide are shown below:

Nerf Parties

Bellow shows the inflatable Target and ammo / guns for Nerf shooting parties.

104419809_593777254580346_3038710948847331469_n    103980128_564094634288624_8956475698808326450_n


Themed Decor

Greatest Showman Themed Decor / Props


Acrylic Circular Backdrop with personalised lettering + Balloon Garland + 4 Foot Light Up Number


Acrylic Circular Backdrop with personalised lettering + Balloon Garland + 4 Foot Light Up Number + Unicorn Balloon + Covered Chair with Sash


Balloon Arch + Table Tutu Skirt + Light Up Number



Character / Special Themed Balloons

11150553_849207841820441_4410814229396990291_n    10268419_648973888510505_3014644524361078869_n,Medium

10475461_691216447619582_3592410244938201634_n    103972541_275227840340163_6793122025037395429_n,Medium

10348627_648974005177160_483719147047294389_n    103973869_2631087627129274_3249048896372555152_n

104015050_263807988405031_5171876002198699137_n    10419503_677804555627438_6647284919501681685_n   

104243818_208162120232118_954381996551677413_n    82948229_2834943499960979_7652787711094209744_n



Sweet Cart

104175107_1490118651176248_6427121812959026675_n    104235615_625505228053573_8350781676318738031_n



Super Hero / Themed Cardboard Cutouts



  20200618_121703_R    20200618_121601_R

20200618_110153_R    20200618_111232_R    20200617_123124_R

20200618_122137_R    20200618_122713_R    20200618_122117_R

20200618_110330_R    20200618_111350_R    20200618_113255_R

20200618_113716_R    20200618_111610_R


IMG-20200216-WA0035_R    20200618_111023_R   

20200618_120454_R    20200618_121042_R   


Freak Shakes

68601058_2911155525625652_7856216532731297792_o    68859091_2911155042292367_161069236469366784_o

68910119_2911154715625733_1358203035636989952_o    68920208_2911154778959060_3745109437984014336_o

69301337_2911155248959013_8433271154457706496_o    69378814_2911156152292256_1682277757142171648_o



Flower Wall

103995175_618579812079767_5624507443404149468_n,Medium    44057282_2223296757744869_6142224754255331328_n

58883055_10157025574228913_6184630048700497920_n    64627367_2753701344704405_1237150026644324352_n

53536620_2510783535662855_3661536100322639872_n    67175789_2840426109365261_7025661855884378112_n

67112634_2840426162698589_4397272356133797888_n    60804223_2688557374552136_6134234341263278080_n


Services include|:

• Balloons

• Chair covers

• Themed cake table set ups

• Light up numbers

• Flower Walls

• Table cloths and chair covers

• Cardboard cut outs and props

• Themed table ware and decorations

• Nerf Wars

• Princess parties

• Fortnite themed parties

• Candy floss, Popcorn, Sweet carts, chocolate fountain

• Sweet cones and party boxes

• NEW Sweet Shake Stations (The new Freakshake craze)

• Inflatable Nerf air jugglers


To discuss your party needs we can be contacted as follows:

  EMAIL:   EMAIL: Phone PHONE: 07886 569134

We cannot always answer the phone immediately if we are setting up events so would always recommend that you email us in the first instance