"Mummy you know what, I would like to have ALL things in my room, which are important to me!" This sentence of her kid was a big problem for ANNA Do, as she did have no idea how to fulfill her wish and get everything that's important for a little girl into a tiny little kids' bedroom without an explosion. Another issue is that those important things change from week to week.


So ANNA Do decided to draw pictures of all the important things of her daughter, of every "but why" as well as of important messages to her little one, and present the most important ones each week beautiful framed on the bedroom's walls. Bull's eye!


ANNA Do got the inspirations for her pictures from her daughter's paintings and the ones of her daughter's friends. Each "why" was somehow integrated into a picture.

The most interesting pictures where taken by ANNA Do and used as template. So they are telling stories by kids for kids. The pictures are not perfectly drawn, which means that not every line is straight not every perspective correct, but they are 100% authentic and made with love.


Some of the pictures are about a critical topic like handicaps, important milestones in a kid's life or they include direct messages to kids. But kids are very sensitive that's why it is absolutely important to show them, that they are loved because of their personality and their nature. They have to understand that they are not repelled because of being different than other kids in any way. This is als why ANNA Do's motto is "EVERYONE can be a Superhero".


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