2017 - always highly topical: Donation

At the end of the year 1 Euro of each sold item will be donated to handicapped children or kids in need of help.


25-05-2017: Happy Father's Day

But of course we wish also all Dads of the world happy Father's Day!


14-05-2017: Happy Mother's Day

We wish all Moms of the world happy Mother's Day!


12-05-2017: Handicraft Tip - Superhero Mask

At the momentan PAW PATROl is one of our favorite topics. In this context the question came up "why there is only one girl but so many boys in the Paw Patrol". "There should be as many girls as boys in the team" said the kids. So the next mission for the kids will be to draw new female caracters. Let's wait for the first drafts of the kids... 

Until then we have a handicraft tip for you. Grab simple paper plates and paint on some faces. Then you can cut out holes for the eyes and attach some elastic bands on the left and right side of the plate. And voilĂ  you have a superhero mask or a beautiful picture which you can hang up in the kid's bedroom. 

Have fun with it! (ANNA Do)


28-04-2017: New pictures, new category

Maybe you have already see that we have launched many new pictures. Finally the little left-handed bear and his friend the very clever Bunny are available. Furthermore there is now a new picture in our category "4 Seasons" which shall show kids that it is very simple to become a superhero by cleaning up little things!

Last but not least we introduced a new category "One plus one equals three" where you can get each number with each style or font. Therefore please contact us via Contact. You know everything is possible!


We wish you a wonderful weekend & a happy 1st May!



19-04-2017: NEW

Today we can present you a new picture. It is again about pirates. But this time we deal with table manners of a pirate captain. He is well prepared for every situation during dinner. No matter what happens, he can act immediately.




17-04-2017: ANNA Do also on Instagram


Ein Beitrag geteilt von ANNA Do (@annadohenkel) am


16-04-2017: Happy Easter

ANNA Do wishes all customers HAPPY EASTEREnjoy the days with your family.



By the way there will be two new pictures soon. One deals with kids that have autism. They live in a special world full of success and impressive skills in lots of areas. "Everyone can be Superhero" is a very important motto here! 

Another very special group of kids are lefties. They are thinking with the other side of the brain. Sometimes they are able to write in mirror writing. Unbelievable!


Take care and see you soon







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