SEJR bags and wallets are made with the thickest, most supple Vaqueta leather from South American cattle that roam around the breathtaking Andean landscape 2,500 meters above sea level. Their hides are famously fine and due to the cold air, free of insect marks. Handles are sturdy saddle leather. All our leather products have been oiled and waxed for protection and to bring out the natural deep hue. Not two products are quite identical. These bags and accessories are handcrafted at a small Columbian factory that truly knows how to care for their employees. Every worker has health, accident and unemployment insurance - and guaranteed work one year ahead. Proper wages replace piecework, so you will know that every detail and stich on our bags have received all the necessary love and attention. And always to the spirited tunes of salsa.

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Neu Sejr Weekendbag

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Neu Sejr Travelbag

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Neu Sejr Notebookbag 15"

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Neu Sejr Messengerbag 13"

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Neu Sejr Toiletbag

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