More and more celebrities have discovered the benefits of sheet facemasks and have now taken selfies of themselves and posted them on social media.

9th January 2017  - Drew Barrymore posts a selfie wearing a mask before the Golden Globe awards.


Drew Barrymore gets ready for the Golden Globe 2017 awards with a face mask

19th October 2016 - Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the latest celebrity to post a picture on social media of him wearing a facemask.


19th September 2016

Daily Mail article on celebrities using face-masks

Anyone who has Instagram will have seen the wave of celebrity sheet-mask selfies flooding the news feed.

The sheet masks, usually made out of cotton or gel, are especially designed to fit perfectly in the contours of the face and are infused with a high concentration of skin-loving ingredients. While a sheet-mask selfie may look scary, the benefits are far from frightening and after a mere few minutes of use, leave skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy.

Rita_Ora Chrissy_Tiegen_2


14th July 2016 - celebrities using masks posting selfies

 The latest beauty trend has become very popular over the past year. Korean and Japanese made sheet masks have shown the world a new and exciting way to look after their skin. Not only is it a new celebrity obsession, hundreds of people around the world have been inspired by these amazing masks.

From Adele and Katie Price to Geri Horner (Halliwell) and Paris Hilton, the new beauty trend has been shared around social media to show us all how amazing and beneficial they are. To achieve brighter, clearer and healthier skin in minutes these cotton sheet masks really allow your skin to look younger, firmer and improved!

Our masks are born in Korea and come in many different varieties, containing ingredients that only benefit your skin. The moisturising effect given by the saturated ingredients in the masks means they can be used on all skin types and still have the same benefits as creams, mud-packs and lotions.

As shown by Katy Perry today (14/7/2016) in the Metro and on her Instagram (@katyperry) she has shown how amazing these masks are and how much of a success they are in the beauty industry. Katy writes “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it - Confucius”. She has shown her love for these masks by the amount of pictures she has posted on her Instagram account. The pop singer, does not only a scary Hannibal Lector impression, but shows her 52.2 million followers an important part of her beauty regime.

Katy_Perry  Adele Geri_Halliwell

Also joining this amazing new trend, sees A-listers like Adele , Rita Ora, Katie Price, Chrissy Teigen and Lady Gaga. This cheap alternative says goodbye to expensive treatments and hello to a new, cheaper and more relaxing beauty routine. These easy-to-wear masks allow you to get on with everyday life or even relaxing in the bath or on the sofa with them. Different masks have different active ingredients saturated into the sheets and these can include elements like glycerin, which locks the moisture in the masks preventing it from evaporating away throughout the time of using the mask. This allows your skin to become more hydrated and healthier than other cleansers such as creams. Letting the moisture soak into your skin after use, is something different but very beneficial for our skin. Also they include other vitamins and minerals that assure your skin to look rejuvenated and healthier. 


Our masks at BBeauty Limited are loved by many people around the UK. They are so simple to use and they allow you to relax fully after a stressful day! Don’t forget to join all these hot A-List celebrities like Katy Perry and Adele and buy yours now at Face Masks

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