pointe shoes

Pointe Shoes

Exercise Accesories

Exercise Accesories

Beatz n pointe dancewear have lots of exercise equipment to help strength your feet for Pointe work.

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Pointe Shoes


Do I need to book an appointment?

 We prefer pre booked fittings, this is simply due to us having extremely busy times of year or busy times of the week and we wouldnt want you to get all excited about new shoes only to turn up and find that we have no time that day to fit you. (its a little like turning up to a good restauant without booking)

  If you arrive and we are fitting or have a booking in within the hour we would offer for you to wait or come back later in the day when we know we are free. 

  Booking also allows us to prepare the pointe fitting area gathering a selection of shoes to start off and have padding etc ready. 

Booking allows us to give you the correct advice about preparing your feet and wearing the correct clothing for the fitting. 

How long will it take? 

We ask for you to allow around 1 hour for each fitting but to be aware a first fitting particularly with younger children may take longer than this. 

A fitting does not only consist of trying a shoe on and it fitting the foot but we assess the dancer including their feet, joints, alignment and strength.

I  have bought some shoes but they dont feel right but dont want to go back to the shop because i have worn them for class, what can I do? 

To reassure you we are happy to do a pointe shoe check on your shoes, this will simply be to check the shoes fit, we would not do any fittings with any other shoes unless this was requested


I have heard some shops refuse to sell to people why is this?

 We are trained to assess the dancer and not only to fit shoes, sometimes the dancer may have existing injuries that are not fully healed, there may be strength issues, or alignment etc.

 Beatz n Pointe will never send anyone away empty handed, we give advice on the need to see GP or will give you exercises and arrange a further appointments where we will reassess for a fitting.

We keep in touch with dance teachers to discuss the above and ensure they are aware of the situation.

If you still wish to purchase the shoes then I would ask for a parent carer (if under 18) to sign a disclaimer. 

Can I order my next shoes on your website?

NO we do not sell our Pointe shoes on our website, this is simply due to the change in size and shape of the feet durng your training. As with any other sport muscle tone will change therefore even if you have stopped growing your shape may change resulting in the need of a different shoe at your next fitting. 

    We currently stock Bloch, Grishko and Russian Pointe.