"Life may be sweet, but it's not sugar free".....This we guess is just one of the reasons why you, our customers, are now buying over 'Twenty Million' sachets of Bolero per month!

Other reasons?

Bolero smells and tastes exactly like fruit juice. It's also packed with vitamin C like fruit juice, yet it costs about the same as cordials!


Totally sugar free. They contain No preservatives, have No artificial colourings and contain almost No carbohydrates. Finally, they contain less than 5 calories per serving......



Our new Bolero 'Drink stick' range of drinks has recently been launched. This utterly brilliant concept will now allow you to carry miniature drink sticks in your pocket,handbag, lunchbox, etc, enabling you to flavour your bottled water wherever you are!



With a no-quibble money back guarantee if you're not totally delighted, why just sit there and wonder what its like?



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