Stock Special Offers!

Stock Special Offers!

Extra special rare stock offers on Stübben and John Whitaker products - grab a bargain now as offers on limited in-stock items only!

Keep checking back - more to come!

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Stubben Bridle Bag

Product no.: 281 26022


John Whitaker Brushing Boots (Size: Medium)

R.R.P. £18.00

John Whitaker Hoof Pick

Product no.: JWHPN

from £4.00
R.R.P. £5.00

John Whitaker Super Soft Fleece Rug

Product no.: JWR028

from £38.95
R.R.P. £49.50

John Whitaker No Fill Turnout Rug (Size: 5'6")

R.R.P. £79.50

John Whitaker 5 Point Breastplate

Product no.: JWBP5

from £105.00
R.R.P. £110.00

John Whitaker Running Martingale with Silver Fittings

Product no.: JWMA020

R.R.P. £45.00

Stubben Dublin 3100 Bridle (Size: Pony, Colour: Tobacco)


Leather Girth Contour with elastic ends (Length: 140cm, Colour: Tobacco)

R.R.P. £165.00

Hollow mouth eggbutt bit

Product no.: 801111

R.R.P. £30.10

Stubben Soft Cotton Numnah VSS/S GP/Jumping

Product no.: 6183

R.R.P. £30.00

GPA Titium Riding Hat

Product no.: GPA

R.R.P. £299.00

Stubben Hollow Mouth Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle Bit 13.5cm

Product no.: 1111

R.R.P. £20.00

John Whitaker Valencia Anatomic Flash Bridle (Size: Full, Colour: Brown)


John Whitaker Valencia Anatomic Mexican Bridle (Size: Full, Colour: Brown)


John Whitaker Oslo Soft Leather Headcollar (Size: Cob, Colour: Havana)


John Whitaker Oslo Soft Leather Headcollar (Size: Full, Colour: Havana)


John Whitaker Shepley Saddle Cloth & Tendon boot bundle

Product no.: JWSC070/LP070

R.R.P. £70.00

John Whitaker Shepley Tendon and Fetlock Boot Set (Size: Full, Colour: Black)


Stubben Freedom 2500 Bridle 20% off RRP

Product no.: Freedom 2500

from £271.00
R.R.P. £339.00