Forage & Feast

Forage and Feast

Forage and Feast

Foraging is an essential part of human existence as is shown by the thousands of years that we were 'hunter/gatherers'. However we have lost so much knowledge and awareness of what is around us that we have become scared by what grows in our hedgerows, woods and grasslands, instead we prefer the safety of shrink wrapped food, washed and 'sanitised' and placed on the shelves of food stores.

Farafoot's Forage and Feast course is a re-introduction to those wild foods that are still available eat. Sometimes this is more a challenge to your taste buds as we have to get used to the bitters and sours of the natural food and let go of the sweet and salty flavour of modern processed food.

Farafoot believes whole-heartedly in Mike Pollans desciption of many modern processed foods as "edible food-like substances" and therefore our courses are heavily weighted towards descibing a more natural diet and therefore discussing what we should be eating and our a more natural diet can help.

Farafoot's Forage and Feast course is so not just a tasting course of the above ground parts of plants. Farafoot likes to get down and dirty - do not worry the instructors are very willing to do the digging - and therefore we will discuss the importance of the below ground parts of plants such as roots, tubers and rhisomes as a source of carbohydrate.

Given the seasonality of our natural food source, what we find will be very much decided by the time of year. Obviously in the middle of winter our access to plant food is much less than early Autumn and therefore the course will reflect this. Winter is definitely the time of year for hunting and food from meat, whilst the Autumn was a time for foraging and gathering as well. This is how our ancient ancestors would have survived in the more northerly climes of Europe and across the world.