Bushcraft For Schools

Bushcraft For Schools

Bushcraft For Schools

Bushcraft for Schools by Farafoot is available for all keystages, since it is our belief that bushcraft can offer learning and development opportunities for most individuals at all ages. Courses are designed to take up topics that can be explored and communicated through multiple sensory and motor modalities, enriching the child's experience and deepening their awareness of themselves and the topic. Thus it can help children to develop in the core foundation subjects of the National Curriculum, especially:

English, Mathematics, Science, Art and Design, Citizenship, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Information and Communication technology, Physical Education, Work Related Learning.

Bushcraft can inspire some children to learn through the inherently interactive quality of the activities, and so can offer opportunities to children who find learning that is abstracted from context too challenging. It is also in our experience enormous fun for most children, offering the sense of vitality that working in the outdoors uniquely provides.

We have found that the Tipi 'home' for our courses brings a quality of concentration and restful attention (once the initial excitement has abated!) in which both childrens and adults can thrive. We also aim to have something tangible at the end of the course, that the children have had some input in creating or choosing, for each child to take away with them. This can serve as a marker of achievement for them and a reminder of their creativity and connection with their environments.

Forest Schools

Should you already have a forest schools' programme in place, Farafoot can enhance that programme by bringing it's bushcraft skills and knowledge to bear within these sessions.

Farafoot Bushcraft is already actively working with schools with Forest Schools sessions by guiding children in woodland, survival and craft skills and knowledge also, because of Farafoot's archaeological background, Farafoot can bring local history and ancient living examples into the Forest Schools' sessions. For example, we are already in the planning stage to design and build an Iron Age roundhouse on one schools' Forest School site.

Whilst Farafoot can bring many taught skills into forest school sessions, it also acknowledges and actively supports the ethos of Forest School sessions in that children should also be allowed just to explore and play within the Forest School session, rather than it being a completely taught session.

If you wish to contact Farafoot Bushcraft to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to do so, or call us on 01746 769 292.

The Team

Every member of the team has experience of, and enjoys, working with children, and in fact all are parents. All team members are also CRB checked. At each course it will be usual to have two Farafoot leaders, though for some courses there may be more. Farafoot is very keen to consult with schools on an individual basis about the suitability of proposed courses and constitution of teams.

We are fortunate to have a chartered psychologist as one of our number, who has been at the forefront of course design for Farafoot. Being a counselling psychologist with ten years' experience of running a doctoral course, Yvette has an understanding of developmental needs and emotional difficulties, as well as knowledge of what makes for effective teaching and learning. Yvette thus provides consultancy to the course leaders as well as participating as a leader for the courses.

The Courses and Locations

We aim to provide a course that is suitable for the setting of the school and the needs of the children, so can offer ideas for courses that we might run for you based upon the information that you provide. This includes the duration of our work with you, which may be a half day course, a day course, a week or a sequence of linked courses at the school.

Being based on Brown Clee Hill we have a powerful and evocative natural setting available for off-site courses in which children can get a flavour of Bushcraft in a relatively wild environment. This raises the possibility of overnight courses and extended camps should this option be one that you wish to explore with us.

A  sample course is given below:

At Home in Nature - a day-long course.

This is a course that integrates information on technologies through the ages.

  • The 16ft Farafoot Tipi will be set up and the children will have a chance to explore how it feels and examine how it has been erected.
  • The children will try to erect their own tipis in groups. Shorter poles will be provided, long enough to ensure that the children have to use the same system for managing the erection of the structure, but short enough that they will not be too heavy.
  • Once their Tipi structure us up they will cover it with materials that we provide.
  • There will then be a time to sit, rest and reflect whilst taking refreshment (fruit and water).
  • We will brainstorm the things that we need as humans to survive and be comfortable (for example, water, food, shelter, warmth, fun/morale, company)
  • The children will be asked to consider what is around them within arms' reach that might help them live, then what is within sight, then what is within earshot. As they answer we will be in a position to make contrasts between the modern and ancient worlds.
  • The course can then take up topics such as:
  • structures - having learned how to set up and handle the tripod in erecting the tipi we can then explore the uses of the tripod structure, and build tripod chairs, then set up a tripod cooking stand.
  • Using the Farafoot fire box placed under the tripod stand we introduce the children to fuels and discuss fire - we can discuss and give the children opportunities to handle and experiment with flints, steels, friction (bow drills using wood on wood to create friction and heat), to the modern match and lighter, and the properties of tinder materials. We will be able to examine the preciousness of fire and fuel for our survival, as well as the need to respect and take care with fire.

  • We then boil water over the fire as we pass around vessels of pine resin. The children can smell and touch the resin and we can talk about it's food, medicinal and useful properties in construction (sticking, sealing and waterproofing).
  • We will use the boiling water to purify the resin and and process it to make glue. Each child will be able to be involved in the processing of the resin and will be able to work with some glue and bark.
  • Each child will take home a bark object which they have constructed using resin glue.


Farafoot school course cost from a special rate of £350 for a day-long course. This price includes two instructors and maximum of twenty-six children. (More children  can be accommodated at an extra charge, please contact to discuss this).

  • We can offer reductions for block bookings.

Please contact Farafoot to discuss booking and pricing or call us on 01746 769 292 as we would be very happy to discuss any ideas or questions with you.