About us

Hi Everyone and Welcome to Fatdog.shop for all your pets food and accessories. So who are we? Well it's more than likely that you have seen our Dog walking vans around Coventry - Rugby - Warwickshire and if you havent used our services, you have probably met the guys out on the parks. As a dedicated Pet care and dog walking company we have often been asked to help clients source and provide food and accessories for their animals. 

Back in the day we used to run a seperate company for all of our food deliveries and it proved to be very popular, especially having the larger bags delivered straight to your door. Eventually we closed the company and concentrated solely on our pet-care but owing to client demand we are re-launching our service & with the growing residentail developments in the area we hope to be able to cover a large area of warwickshire again. 

The foods and accessories we offer are all popular and used by our clients and we'll offer our honest opinions and experiences where appropriate. 

As always if a product does not meet your expectatuion or you are simply looking for something hat is not displayed on our site, please give us a call or drop the team an email.  The site will be automated and email us your orders, but we all know that technology is not infalible and if your order is not processed, please get in touch ASAP so we can get your product to you. 


Many thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to providing your pets needs. 

Tim & the Team at Fatdogs.