Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions



Many thanks for choosing www.fatdog.shop. The website, its address, logos and content are owned by Mr Timothy Pluckrose t/a Fatdogandfriends.co.uk. Please visit www.fatdogandfriends.co.uk for our registered address.


This website is for the provision of products to the consumer subject to the conditions set out in this section.


PLEASE NOTE by accessing this website you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this website and any terms or notices on this website or any amendments set out herein, or on our social media pages.


Conditions of use.


1.      Waiver.


Whilst we have made every effort to verify the content of this website, the information and representations made therein. We would advise that the information may, from time to time, be inaccurate, out of date or incomplete. We disclaim all claims, warranties and representations owing to misleading, out dated or incomplete information. 


2.      Using this website.


When you use the web-site you register your acceptance of the terms and conditions laid out here. You are responsible for registering your personal and financial details and maintaining their accuracy for continuing use of the site. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your account and any other identification pertaining to your personal or financial details, passwords or similar information. You agree to provide for on-line security or software at your access point to the web site (be it PC, Tablet, Phone or other device whether owned by you or used by you in the access of your account and this web site) You accept responsibility for your own security and for all activities on your account. You should keep your password confidential and secure and inform us if you believe your password has been made known to anybody else or if you believe it has been used in an unauthorised manner.


You are responsible for updating your details and keeping your account accurate. We do not accept responsibility for deliveries made to incorrect address’s due to your account being out of date and will make no refund after delivery (whether you have received the goods or not)


We reserve the rights to decline any person(s) from using the website, terminate accounts, disable any account or password at our discretion. We also retain the rights to all passwords and information contained within your account details for our use. (“use” may pertain to advertising for our own products, promotions & offers, new lines and the services of our other business’s, legal action, including and not limited to debt collection agencies and HM Revenue & Customs)


We reserve the right to cross reference your details against our other databases and our other client’s details. We reserve the right to terminate your account should we believe that you have opened more than one account in an attempt in assistance of fraud or to take advantage of promotions or vouchers or discounts.  


You may have access to this site for the purchase of goods on this website. You are not permitted to download, copy or modify the content of this website, its logos or phrases or slogans therein. You may not use any part of this website for reproduction, commercial use or advertising purposes. This website may not be copied, duplicated, reproduced or sold or part thereof. You may not copy our layout, features, logos or other content.


Some of the Pictures, clipart, photos and backgrounds on this web site, may be similar or identical to images readily available on the internet and from specific clipart companies and may be used under licence by us for our use. Any copying, duplication or plagiarism of these images will be reported to the original owners of that image.


3.      Products.


The products we offer on this site are not manufactured by us and not packaged and tested by us. We offer a range of products, including and not limited, to Food, toys, bedding and medications. We show a limited detail including the price, weight, colours and other primary information. For a full product data sheet including ingredients, recommended daily amounts, allergens and disposal please visit the manufacturers website. We do not take responsibility for any product purchased that does not meet your expectation. We also collect the products from a variety of Wholesalers and suppliers, whilst we try to ensure the product we deliver to you is in the best condition we cannot be held responsible for the storage and protection of products during the time they are not in our care or the quality of the original product from the supplier.

Products that are found to be substandard or defective must be returned to the manufacturer under their conditions of return. (your statutory rights are not affected)


We display items on our website and the images and descriptions are generic of the product and may vary dependant on the manufacturers specifications and product variations. The colours, sizes and materials are defined as per the manufacturers descriptions and we cannot be held liable for variations or misleading information given in good faith of the manufacturers description.


We make it known that food and medication products will have a shelf life and this will be directly affected by the storage and transport and we advise all customers to view the product packaging for use by and best before dates and to refer to the manufacturers web sites and help lines for more accurate details.


4.      Delivery & Charges


We will endeavour to deliver your product as per the time frame indicated in the product description. We will normally deliver during the day 09:00-17:00pm and are happy to arrange to leave the product with a neighbour or in a safe place.  We will normally email you and arrange a suitable delivery time and place to the address on your account (we will not deliver to an unregistered address; however, we understand that life can sometimes be unpredictable and would be happy to discuss alternative delivery options if required. E.g. delivering to another family member in the local area)


Our delivery charges are shown on the delivery page and subject to change. We reserve the right to charge fees to collect returned items or for multiple deliveries in the event of your not being home or your safe place being unsuitable or if the instructions you have left are, in our view, inexplicable or unreliable.


Once we have delivered the product to you or your notified place (neighbour / safe place / alternate address) you will then be liable for the product and its storage and protection. You will not own the product until we have received cleared funds for the payment but you will still be liable for costs of any product left in your care. If you refuse delivery we still retain the right to charge the delivery fee associated with our staff attending your delivery address.


5.      Cancellation


You can cancel your order prior to delivery and receive a full refund for any cleared payments. We will not accept cancelations on the day of delivery or at the point of delivery. If you do cancel we will make every effort to refund your money within 30 days. (we will not be liable for charges and fees associated with monies being returned or the time frame for monies to be returned e.g. if you become overdrawn and cancel your order to prevent bank fees, we cannot be liable for your financial situation)


6.      Defective products and returns


If you do find any of your products have a defect, we will endeavour to help where we can. We will take precautions to ensure that the products we deliver have been checked and are as described prior to delivery.  We would recommend that a product deemed defective through the manufacture and packaging process should first be returned to the manufacturer as per their returns policies. (your statutory rights are not effected)

We cannot accept returns where food has been opened or has passed its best before dates. We cannot accept returns of toys and products that have been used and damaged. We can only help with returns on defective products purchased via our website by registered customers.


7.      Stock availability


We will try and deliver your product within 14 days where possible and will also display our delivery times on the web site in the product description. Some of these times may be longer due to circumstances beyond our control and we accept no responsibility for fees and charges associated with late delivery.

Once you have ordered your product we will aim to collect it from our suppliers and deliver it to you, the customer. We have chosen products that are generally readily available but on occasion the products may be unavailable and we will notify you if there is a problem with your order.

(historically some manufacturers have experienced problems with their process’s and their products have become unexpectedly unavailable for a period of time.) In this instance we will offer you a full refund or an alternative product.


We do carry some stock and the site will show items that are “in stock”  In the event that products become unavailable from our suppliers we will also offer you an alternative or a refund.


8.      Prices & Vouchers


The prices shown on our website are inclusive of VAT & subject to change in accordance with the market value of the product. The prices shown are in British Pounds (£) and we do not offer our products for export or accept payments other than in £’s

We do not accept Vouchers in lue of payment or in part payment unless by prior agreement. Please contact us prior to ordering. We do not offer refunds or part refunds in lue of payment.


9.      Copywrite & representations


www.fatdog.shop / Fatdog.shop / our trading logo’s, slogans and names are all indicative of the Fatdog brand and service and not for copy or reproduction. Some of the Logo’s and straps on our site are owned and copywritten to ourselves and others are purchased for reproduction from third party websites and under licence from them and as such also not for copy or reproduction. Our web site or part thereof is not for copy, reprinting or reproduction.


10.   Reviews, Social media responsibility and conduct


We all like to Share our experiences via our social media but we need to act responsibly. We ask that if you have a problem or experience an issue with the use of our website or any of the products that you contact us and resolve any problems in a sensible and mutually acceptable manner. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to refrain from posting, tweeting or displaying negative comments or images of the company or its vehicles or staff. In the event that negative social media content is displayed, either directly or indirectly by you the client or by a third party pertaining to you or your order or product, by the order of these terms and conditions you agree to reimburse the owner Mr Tim Pluckrose a sum no less that £25,000 plus any legal costs plus any judgements made against you in respect of the above. In any event, you hold the above named blameless and agree to pay any legal costs for all parties in any incident.


We also advise that our staff are permitted to disable any account or terminate any communication where they feel that there is a risk of or evidence of; Anger, Bad language or behaviour with reference to Racism, homophobia or other terminology or attitude relating to discrimination or behaviour that is deemed to be unpolite or unacceptable. We reserve the right to record conversations and also to pass your details to the relevant authorities.



11.   Welfare, inclement weather & Terrorism


Should we feel that your animal(s) are at risk of welfare then we retain the right to notify the relevant authorities and shall be held blameless by you or your legal representative in any event. This may be due to your order history, the conditions our delivery drivers find upon delivery or other undetermined reason.

In the event that an act of terrorism or inclement weather prevents us from delivering products to you within the specified time limit or prevents us from delivering the product at all. We shall offer a refund where possible or an alternative delivery time, but shall not be liable in any event.

In any situation where we feel you are a risk to national security or feel that you are involved in terrorism (again due to order history or the conditions our delivery drivers find on attendance) we again reserve the right to inform the relevant authorities and shall not be held liable in any event.



12.   Debts and Unpaid accounts


We do not accept any promise of payment, cheques or hold open accounts or tabs for customers. In the event of dishonoured payments, we shall not deliver products until we have received clear funds. In the event that funds are withdrawn after products have been delivered we shall use our Debt solicitors to obtain cleared funds from you, the customer. If the product(s) are still fully packaged, in good order and within a suitable resale value and use by date, we may accept a return of the product(s)


You will be liable for ALL legal fees in chasing payments, including and not limited to Legal fees, court costs, travel and accommodation. Your credit rating and ability to obtain loans and bank accounts may be effected.


If you experience problems in paying please call us and we will try to work with you to help find a mutually acceptable payment plan or payment method. You can also find advise at https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/tools/debt-advice-locator


13.   Summation


In summation; by using the web site you agree to the terms and conditions set out above. By ordering and paying for a product from our website, you enter into a contract whereby we will endeavour to deliver the product you have ordered and you agree to take delivery and acceptance of such. Whilst we shall endeavour to deliver the item to you in the time frame and condition expected, you hold us blameless in any event where this is not achievable. You will not Own a product until it has been delivered or delivered to an agreed place. Once you have received the product it is your responsibility to check the product for defects or variations and notify us within 24 hours if you find a discrepancy or unacceptable condition or variation. You agree to take responsibility to check that the product is suitable for your animal and for the usage for which you intended it when you purchased it. You agree to use your account for domestic use and agree to not hold multiple accounts to take advantage of promotions and discounts. You agree to use the website for the purpose intended and not for fraudulent purposes or criminal activity. We reserve the right to report suspicious activity to the Authority we deem most appropriate and you hold us blameless in any event or allegation made, whether intended or insinuated. In any event the owner of the web site and the service shall be held blameless and you agree to reimburse all and any Legal fees and associated costs (including and not limited to legal representation, travel, accommodation, loss of earnings and a one off immediate £15,000  minimum payment ) in any incident whether they are found to be culpable or negligent or not.

The contract shall be ongoing and upon termination of your account you shall agree to hold by the terms and conditions pertaining to social media and accountability of the owners.




These terms and conditions are inclusive and not limited. Please also see our Dog walking pages for our general terms and conditions in addition to those set out above. http://www.fatdogandfriends.co.uk/docs/Terms%20and%20Conditions.pdf