Tips & Tricks

Palazzo & Classica Albums


Because the Palazzo and Classica concept consists of bounded albums, we advise you to inspect the album and the sheets before starting to put photos in, to prevent irrepearable mistakes.

Our Palazzo albums with peel-off sheets close best when using "standard" photo paper (not thicker than 0.28 mm). When using photo paper which is thicker, the so-called "art paper" (measured thickness 0.38 mm), the album may not close.

As soon as the album is put away for a longer time, we advise you to put translucent protection leaves of pvc between the sheets.This prevents the sheets from sticking together.


RFPB304024BK-     305x305_Palazzo_normal_weiss


Fitting photo sizes are:

25.4x25.4 cm (10x10") for the 25x25 album

27,8x20,3 cm (11x8")  für ein 28x20 Album

30.5x30.5 cm (12x12") for the 30x30 album

30.5x40.6 cm (12x16") for the 30x40 album

35.6x35.6 cm (14x14") for the 35x35 album




For the mini-Palazzos:

5.9x8.9 cm for the 6x9 album

10.2x10.2 cm for the 10x10 album

12.7x17.8 cm for the 13x18 album


20.3x20.3 cm for the 20x20 album


Assembling guide:

Check the album for possible unevenness before putting in photos.


1. Fold a thin strip of protective foil on the spine side.


2. Position the photo on the outside of the sheet and press the photo onto the now free adhesive tape in the spine.


3. Pull the protective foil off and press the photo to the sheet at the same time.


4. Use a soft cloth or a rubber roller to press the photos.



How to send us your files:

Please send us your files in 300dpi, RGB. 

You can send them to, a good opportunity is  

Of course you can also send an USB-Stick, a CD or a DVD to our adress.


We need the following formats for the Cover-Size:


For a 30x40cm Palazzo:  
Front 01, Acryl in the middle 340(h) x 260(b)mm.
Front 51, Acryl with wings: 340(h) x 320(b)mm.

For a 35x35cm Palazzo:

390(h) x 280(b)mm.