Car engine cleaning spray

Car engine cleaning spray

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MOJE AUTO Engine cleaner thoroughly removes oil, grease and stubborn stains from your engine bay

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Car engine cleaner easily removes oil,dirt and grime


Set your cars engine bay off with a variety of car engine cleaning products.These products help you get to them hard to reach places and remove stubborn grime from your cars engine bay,Helping achieve a show car engine bay.


What are the benefits of a clean car engine 


There are many benefits to cleaning a dirty engine bay such as,it can help determine where leaking oil or grease is are coming from, such as a leaking valve-cover gasket, a small problem can be isolated and repaired before it becomes expensive. also because oil and grease can deteriorate rubber hoses and plastic components, cleaning off some of the grime can save on garage bills.Is it not frustrating when you want to do some routine maintenance in the engine bay when you get covered in grime and manky oil all of the time.


A clean engine compartment makes a used car look newer and better maintained


The visual appeal of a clean engine bay is the biggest benefit of engine cleaner.Most used cars and show cars are detailed throughout before being put up for sale or out on show,including private sellers and businesses alike,so buyers and car enthusiasts expect to see a clean engine bay when they shop or visit a show. A dirty engine bay will make a car look abused and is not as impressive as a clean engine bay.