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GLIMMERMANN Screen Wash Concentrate easily removes grease, dirt and insects to leave a smear-free finish.


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GLIMMERMANN mega concentrate screenwash is suitable for the harshest winters ( - 25 ) and normal use.

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Keys Performance Parts only stock the best car screenwash products



            Car screenwash products




Various brands of car screenwash are available in our store we only stock high quality products often saving money over cheaper alternatives on the market.


How do i choose the right car screenwash 



Choosing the right screenwash for cars can be confusing due to the vast amount of options in today's market but to be honest it is relatively easy just consider:

  • The best value car screenwash for concentration level - this information will be provided on the label.
  • Ready to use car screenwash is most often the more expensive product.
  • Temperature range - some car screenwash is not suitable for winter temperatures always check the tolerances.
  • A high quality car screenwash is going to be more effective than a cheaper alternative, meaning you will use less and get better results.