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Show car wax

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Jayswax show car shine wax is soft,scented in a wonderful bubblegum fragrance.A wax that is easy to apply and remove.

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GleemFreaks Pure-Flection is a high grade wax polish designed using T1 grade brazilian waxes.

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Pronto Wax is a super fast spray car wax, Providing a deep mirror shine, Excellent protection and beading

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Keys Performance Parts supply some of the best Show Car Wax products for a showroom shine.


Waxed car with water beads



Show car wax is for the finishing touch for your car after a good clean and scrub,wax is the protective layer for the paintwork which needs to be maintained to keep the cars bodywork looking good. Car wax comes in many forms and can be applied by spray bottle and buffed up or in a comes pot which is more concentrated and is applied and then buffed up to perfection.

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Car wax - what is better: spray wax or paste?


Choosing between spray wax and show car wax paste is simply down to personal preference. It’s advisable for you to try both products to see which one gives you better results. If you’ve always used paste wax to buff your car, maybe you should stick to what you know,or do you fancy a change?



Some would say car wax paste has a deeper, longer lasting shine.

Car wax paste is a more imtimate way for car detailers to apply there wax.



Car wax paste is a difficult product to get an even layer with.

Car wax paste is more expensive. 



Quick tip: warm your car up before applying wax to soften the wax.