Cold air feed protect

Cold air feed protect

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Funk motorsport induction kit and cold air feed thermal barrier protection for race car,track days and drifting applications.

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Why does a cold air intake need to be cold


The Cold air intake is one of the popular mods there is, and one subject to the most controversy as well. Manufacturers of such systems advertise 5-20 HP gains, yet these potential gains are worthless if you are unable to keep the cold air feed Cold but you can help maintain these gains with cold air feed protection . Not only does it help keep the cold air inside cold it will also stop your cold air feed from being damaged by external heat from the engine bay.


Cold air intakes are an inexpensive modification and easy to install


Cold air intakes relocate the air filter outside of the engine compartment so that cold air can be sucked into the engine for combustion. Cold air intakes supply more oxygen into the combustion chamber and that means potentially more power. The filters should be relocated to the upper wheel well area or near a fender where there is more access to flowing cold air and less hot air from the engine.


Not only does a cold air intake reduce the air temperature, but it also increases airflow. Aftermarket intakes remove the need for a box surrounding the air filter and instead use large diameter intake tubes that are smoother, have less bends and are often wider than the original factory ones. Removing the air box and using smoother tubes gives the engine uninterrupted airflow increasing BHP and throttle response.


Induction and cold air feed thermal protection for race cars


Ice cold air is a must for induction kits and air filters to gain the maximum performance and to maintain optimum levels. It is important to keep intake temperatures low that is why this product has been developed the induction tube thermal barrier sleeve.


By maintaining a lower intake temperature, this helps to provide cooler airflow to the cooling system and MAF sensor, leading to an increased ignition spark and higher output of energy from combustion. Whilst also looking great in the engine bay and protecting the cold air feed from any heat damage meaning no longer is there a need to try and keep it away from major heat sources thus ensuring you can locate the cold air feed in the best place in the engine bay for maximum performance gain.