Technical Information

- The innovative cutting head geometry (patented) of MaxiCut combines the advantages of Forstner drill with those of art drill.

- MaxiCut suitable for half, oblique, overlapping and deeper drilling.

-MaxiCut guaranteed the fastest drilling rate compared to all other Forstner drills.

- Asymmetrical arranged chip breaker crush the chips and lead them off more easily.


application Note

- Can be used in hand drills, drill presses, machine tools and CNC machine tools

- Recommended speed: 600- 3000 rev / min.



-Very Long life through new cutter geometry and HSS steel

- Universally extendable by ROTASTOP

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New MaxiCut plus

Product no.: 108100

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New MaxiCut plus

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New Depth regulation

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New Depth regulation

Product no.: 10814160E

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New Morse taper

Product no.: 10800

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New RotaStop Extension

Product no.: 108010

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