Woodturning Lathe KM 3100 SE heavy professional lathe from cast iron


Woodturning Lathe KM 3100 SE heavy professional lathe from cast iron

Product no.: KM 3100 SE
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Sturdy Wood Turning Lathe less of vibration, all parts from cast iron, weight 400 kg
Variable construction kit retrofittable. Standard centre distance  850 mm
optional 1.540 mm with 3. foot and 2.300 mm with 4 casting legs
Bedextension smoothly pinned, no off-centre
Machine completely mounted, ready to use, can be dismounted in all components


-  Aditional safety clamping of Head-/and Tailstock,  does not move if unbalanced
   and heavy work is loaded
-  Safety clamping of tailstock quill with large fixing plate from bronze
   (no small clamping screw)
-  Safety locking ring at spindle to secure chucks against running off if spindle turns reverse
-  Emergency Off Button at Headstock
-  Exact zero-point admustment at headstock for an exact alignment, no time-wasting
   centering with double cone necessary
- Outrigger (option) can be fixed simple within minutes, positionable in every position
   lengthways at lathe bed, no need of several fixing points
  The cranked, sturdy construction has an integrated supporting column to avoid
  vibrations if turning heavy parts up to 820 mm
Technical Data
- centre distance standard  850 mm,  weight 400 kg
- turning diameter                500 mm  resp. max. 820 mm with outrigger
                                             600 mm  at ergonimical swivelled headstock position
- headstock infinitely swivelling and sliding along lathe bed
- 6 fixing positons:  0-270 °
- zero-Point-Adjustment at headstock
- hollow Spindle M 33/MT2/Bo=10 mm,  ground,  maintenance-free, triple angular bearing
- tailstock quill MT2 ground, stroke 135 mm, with lasered scale, easy readable
- powerful 3-phase motor 3 hp/2,2 kW,  electric mains 230 V/ 1ph/CEE-plug 16A
spindle speed infinitely variable electronically  40 - 3.025 rpm/min
- digital display, variable positionable switch box with all functions:
  left/rigthand switch,  On-Off Button
integrated indexing system, 36 divisions
- sturdy tool rest support from cast iron, tool rest made from low-wear cast steel
Standard Accessories  
- Emergency-off Button at Headstock, positionable switch box with magnet
- Zero-Point-Adjutment at headstock for an exact alignment tip-to-tip
- Safety locking ring at headstock                          
- Tool rest support from cast iron
- Tool Rest sturdy design, cast steel L=350 mm, stem  D=30 mm with fixing ring
- Live centre MT2/60° D=30 mm
- Live centre MT2/ D=20 mm with pressing
- 4-prong mandrel MT2/D=25 mm
- 4-prong mandrel M33/D=45 mm
- Tool box with rubber mat
weight at  1.500 mm centre distance appr. 470 kg
weight at  2.300 mm centre distance appr. 550 kg
Dimension max. standard (LxWxH) 1.850x600x1.250 mm

CE-conform, subject to change without notice

Carriage for moving tailstock from bed<span arial","sans-serif"="" style="box-sizing: content-box !important; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 15.3333px;">
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Boring-/Milling Attachment
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