Miniature Baskets & Crates

Miniature Baskets & Crates

Miniature Baskets & Crates

A selection of 1/12th scale handcrafted woven miniature wicker baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of uses around the dolls house and other craft applications

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Large Hamper

Product no.: GA48

£1.95 *
In stock

Small Picnic Hamper

Product no.: GA123

£1.75 *
In stock

Basket 2.5cm

Product no.: GA47

£0.64 *
In stock

Basket 3cm

Product no.: GA46

£1.20 *
In stock

Raffia Shopper

Product no.: GA128

£1.05 *
In stock

Large Oval Wicker Basket

Product no.: D2265

£1.99 *
In stock

Shallow Round basket - small

Product no.: GA142

£0.58 *
In stock

New Shallow Round basket - large

Product no.: GA141

£0.94 *
In stock

Shallow Two-Tone Basket

Product no.: GA168

£1.08 *
In stock

Open Weave Basket

Product no.: GA99

£1.15 *
In stock

Open Flower Basket

Product no.: GA140

£0.65 *
In stock

Two-Tone Basket

Product no.: GA127

£1.20 *
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