Havenland CORE Set

Havenland CORE Set

Havenland CORE Set

Havenland CORE Symbol/Token Expansion Set

Introductory Offer £5.99 (GBP) per set


This CORE set comprises a total of 147 fantasy symbols/tokens for you mapping/media needs.  See full sample sheet here.  Note that there is some compression and water-marking on the sample sheet.

Each symbol is hand-drawn and coloured, and provided at 300dpi.  Symbol sizes vary (see throughout this website), but a typical sand dune is 120 pixels across as a reference guide, whereas the town icon shown at the top of this page is 247 pixels.

The symbols are provided as transparent .png files, and are arranged in a grid form so they can easily be set up for use as brushes for use in popular graphics programs.  We also provide each symbol as a seperate .png file.


So, here's what you get :-

Dunes (x6), Distant Forest (x6), Grassland (x6), Hills (x6), Mountains High (x6), Mountains Low (x6), Mountains Snowcapped (x6), Marshland (x6), Mountains Volcanoes (x6), Strewnfield (Rubble) (x6), Structures Large A (1x Town, 1x City, 1x Village, 1x Hamlet, 1x Fortress), Structures Large B (1x Town, 1x City, 1x Village, 1x Hamlet, 1x Fortress), Land Features (x1 Oasis, x1 Pond, x1 Sinking Ship, x1 Crevasse, x1 Crater, x1 Sinkhole, x1 Mud pool, x1 Ridge, x1 Gorge), Map Aids (x1 Compass Rose, 1x Scalebar), Map Embellishments (x2 Clouds, x1 Toadstools, x1 Tentacle, x1 Big Fish, 1x Warship), Tableland (Mesa) (x6), Trees Dead (x6), Trees Deciduous (x6), Trees Pointy (x6), Structures Minor (x4 Bridges, x2 Standing Stones, x1 Stone Obelisk, x2 Stone Heads, x4 Towers, x1 Windmill, x1 Graveyard, x1 Mill, x2 Cottages, x1 Wig-wams, x1 Mud huts, x1 Ziggurat, x1 Maze, x2 Ruins, x1 Cave, x1 Keep, x1 Pyramid).

We are happy for you to use these symbols for your own non-commercial needs, and we are also are happy for you to use them to create content (such as maps) which you may then in turn use for commerical needs.  All I ask is that you do not redistribute these files, and we would ask for you to be mindful of and read the license file sent with each set of symbols.


Sample Sheet (click to enlarge)