Beans Unusual

Beans Unusual

Beans Unusual
Love beans? Go beyond the familiar with Adzuki,Edamame (soy),lab lab and pea beans.

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Adzuki beans have been cultivated for several thousand years and are a familiar sight in the far east. Almost as nutritious as Edamame beans they have an unusual, slightly sweet flavour. Start them in April for planting out in May or grow in pots on the patio or in the conservatory. The yellow flowers are followed by clusters of smooth short pods. The pods and the seeds can be harvested. The plants are short (50-60cm) but strong growing and unless your plot is very windy they will not need support. The pods can be harvested as tender green beans if picked when the beans are just showing in the pod (picking every week to maintain production). For use as a dry bean the pods need to be harvested when they are ripe but before they shatter – pull up the whole plant and finish drying in a well ventilated place – soak the beans for an hour or so before cooking. You can also pop your bean harvest like corn or grow your beans for use as bean sprouts. Price for 50 seeds £0.75
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This is a remarkable heirloom variety originating in central America.  With its long history comes a plethora of names: Calypso, Orca and Yin Yang amongst others.  What hasn’t changed are the glossy black and white plump beans (beautiful) and their flavour: makes delicious dishes whether eaten as a green or fresh bean or after drying and shelling.  Once you see these you will understand why we always make sure we dry some for adding to winter meals.  Grow them as you would a dwarf French bean, they only reach 45cm tall, keep them well watered.  As they are so short you can grow these in containers. Harvest the green pods before the beans start to swell, or for fresh beans wait for them to swell but pick and shell whilst the pods are still green.  For dried beans harvest when pod is dry and the bean cannot be dented with fingernail but if rainy weather prevents them from drying they can be picked and dried indoors.            

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This heirloom variety is the true red kidney bean that everyone knows from chilli con carne.  To enjoy these you will need to leave the pods on the plants however you don’t need to wait for the end of the season.  Pick them when they start to yellow (and your plants will keep cropping), shell them and leave them overnight and the beans will turn from pink to deep ‘kidney bean red’; now pop them in the freezer ready to use.  If you want to dry your beans then the pods will need to be left on the plants to dry naturally.  These dried beans can then be stored in airtight jars and will need soaking overnight before cooking.


Of course you can grow these to use as a French bean: pick the heavy crops of attractive bright green pods when they are small and young, they are just packed with excellent flavour. Gorwn for either crop your plants will reach 30-50cm tall and ought not need supporting.

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Elena is a very good choice for the UK climate and, like all of our other seed, it is of course GM free. ‘Edamame’ means ‘beans on a branch’ and once the leaves have fed the pods during the summer, they fall and leave them at the top of the stems ready for picking. Elena needs a minimum of 75 days to reach this stage and can be sown from late April/early May indoors in pots and onwards to mid July. They can take 3 weeks to germinate so patience is required! Growing to about 60cm the well-branched plants produce lots of light green pods filled with 2-3 buttery sweet beans. All the pods are usually harvested at the same time so regular sowing every few weeks will give you successional planting to extend your harvest period. Price for 40 seeds

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Although the name may suggest otherwise this is not a cross between peas and beans, it is in fact a species in its own right and has been grown in this county since the earliest part of the 17th century. Despite its long history it is rarely offered for sale, a shame as this is a lovely bean to grow and eat. You treat it in the same way as a climbing French bean and it will reward you with a prolific habit ad will need very regular picking! The pods are at their best for fresh use when no more than 7-8cm long. If they do get larger then this simply let them grow away and harvest them later for use as haricot. Price for 20 seeds.
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The long thin beans look like green spaghetti, hanging in pairs the pods are very crisp, tender and delicious. They are sensitive to the temperature and grow relatively slowly in mild environments: more vigorous under cover you can also plant them in a warm and sheltered spot outside. Pick at about 30cm long and cook as your would other green beans. Gorgeous Price for 40 seeds
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Producing astounding garnet-coloured long bean pods that can reach over 50cm if left alone. Sweet, tender and stringless, pick at about 30cm and cut them into 5cm long pieces to enjoy steamed, stir-fried, or even in soup. Grow them up poles in a warm and sheltered spot, they are also very happy under cover. Simply stunning. Price for 40 seeds
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