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How To SUP: The videos

Lesson 1: Finding the right paddle length.
Lesson 2: Picking up your board.
Lesson 3: Standing up on your board.
Lesson 4: How to paddle.
Lesson 5: Turning around.
Lesson 6: Lying down on the water.
Lesson 7: Getting off your board.
Lesson 8: The rules of SUP.
Lesson 9: Getting over whitewater.
Lesson 10: Catching a wave.
Action Videos

1. Four People. Four Boards. One car.
2. Surfing the Distance. Robby Naish
3. The Naish Mana Air, a Bike and a River
4. Gliding, Carving and Cruising: Naish's SUP Series
5. The Naish Air Series: Family Fun Inflatables












Naish: How To SUP