Permanent Gloss Stickers / Labels

Permanent Gloss Stickers / Labels

gloss_stickerFor the best qualiy, price and customisation, choose printed gloss permanent stickers from My Print Station. They are ideal for any indoor or outdoor use.

# Made to any size or shape for truly custom vinyl gloss stickers

# Fully waterproof

# Rich colours which come from eco-friendly solvent inks

# Printed on 1440 high definition bring out crisp detail

With a bright glossy finish and high definition printing, our gloss stickers will really stand out with vivid detail and quality whilst having all the attributes for any indoor or outdoor use. You can even choose your own shape and size.

They are printed on a 1000mm x 700mm sheets. Any sized label/sticker would work.

Price per label can be as low as 6p (based on size 50mm x 30mm label)


Price based on 1000mm x 700mm sheet
Quantity 2 3 4 5
Price/sheet £24.50 £23.50 £22.50 £21.50 £19.50


   One sheet can have for ezample:

   36 stickers (210mm x 10mm each)

   150 stickers (80mm x 50mm each)

   320 stickers (50mm x 30mm each)

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