Personalised Wall Murals

Personalised Wall Murals

Personalised Wall Murals

Wallpaper without limits, for feature walls and custom decoration 

Welcome to the range of digitally printed wallpapers from My Print Station, suitable for either domestic or commercial settings, a one off unique print of a holiday vista or family photo to brand reinforcement, company logos or Manhattan feature walls. 

Design custom wall decorations with a printing material that has everything that you want in a wallpaper, without the PVC. 

By combining your creativity - or your customers' own inspirations, with the power of digital printing, you can create vivid interiors, plus when produced with environmentally friendly inks, prints are odourless, and are suitable for use within school or catering environments. 

Give new life to those walls by using the wallpaper as an educational tool or product advertisement, or simply to create a stunning feature wall in your home. 

The opportunities to grow your business with PVC free wallpaper are extensive. The only limit is your imagination! From simple designs through to complex graphics or photographic subjects, we can reproduce any of your images. 

For guidance when pricing, a standard house/office wall height is between 2.3m and 2.6m.

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