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New Bio-Complex Energy Shampoo

Product no.: D 22

£12.45 / bottle(s) *

Stami Ker Intensive regenerating Treatment

Product no.: D2

£26.88 / 6 bottle(s) *

can be shipped within 3 days days

Densifying Touch

Product no.: D5

£15.95 / bottle(s) *

can be shipped within 3 days

New Bio-Complex Energy Lotion

Product no.: d23

£24.95 / bottle(s) *
Old price £24.95
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can be shipped within 3 days
Delivery weight: 250 mg
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Hair Products

Hair Products

All our products are trichologically formulated and dermatology tested

Treatments For Acne

These treatments are specially prepared for treating acne conditions. They are gentle in use on the skin and are natural organic herbal based products. No preparations supplied by us are animal tested.
Dikson Hair Products

Dikson Hair Products

Dikson Hair and Beauty
Botanico Products

Botanico Products

Botanico, Naturally healthy skin care. No parabens or harmful chemicals, Orgarnic materials are always used where possible, pure ingredients, Hand made in Scotland.