Nursery update

Nursery update

On this page we will provide nursery updates, regarding propagation and stock levels.

We are not trying to produce a 'good read' here just short factual information!

Seed raised primulas

As we produce all our plants, naturally stock levels will vary throughout the year. Plants are most abundant at the end of the growing season (September) and least abundant from early summer onwards. This is because we use the seasons to the advantage of plant production. Seed raised stock is sown in February and grown for a whole season before becoming available; so you receive a good sized plant which will flower the following spring, early summer. (we refer to this as 'flowering sized plants')

Currently (late July  2017) stock levels are good. We have enjoyed a very good growing season and the plants are looking fantastic. At the end of August we will publish our annual catalogue. This is a descriptive list of available plants. It will be available for downloading, or if you contact us we will post a copy to you free of charge.

Auriculas and other vegetative raised plants

We have large quantitites of auriculas at the early stage of growth and these will be added to the web site during the summer/autumn 2017.  Please bear with us as it is a labour intensive task counting plants across over 600 different varieties.

Philip Bankhead M.Hort (RHS)

29 July 2017

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