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Design your very personal and individual disposable camera or multi camera!

We habe about 100 Motive for you -

 or use your own Pictures.   


If you are looking for a wedding camera or disposable camera / disposable cameras and you want to make this special for the event personally and individually - then you will find this inexpensive here at

We refine disposable cameras, and multi-cameras through a personalized envelope or label for many occasions - created for you. An order of the disposable camera according to your wishes is possible from just one PIMPCAM.

Each single-use camera is a Fuji brand film - fitted new battery and flash - color film 27 images - ISO 400.

Take advantage of our creative templates or make your very own disposable camera.


1                      478284842673

        Beispiel einer HOCHZEITSKAMERA " Herz mit Ringen "                                  Beispiel einer GEBURTSTAGSKAMERA " Happy birthday "



                                            Disposable cameras are the most successful cameras in recent years worldwide

They are good to handle, light and small. The FUJI film with 27 exposures, battery and flash is already loaded, they are easy and simple to use and are very cheap. The disposable cameras are just as good as for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, festivals, events for the car accident in pictures.

Therefore, we have provided various designs and themes for you. They also make surprisingly good pictures.

        FUNCam                       932218640489

        Beispiel einer STANDARD/LAGERKAMERA " FUNCAM "                          Beispiel einer THEMENKAMERA " Kommunion/Konfirmation "


Disposable cameras, as well as reusable cameras are quite ideal advertising medium for commerce, industry and the service-area! Our disposable cameras are printed specifically for you on a paper mask. The camera body itself are widely proven brand models, which are used worldwide and recycled. We deliver within 1-2 working days after receipt of the purchase price and produce all camera masks in hand.     



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fotolia_37312030  WEDDING CAMS

fotolia_37312030  BIRTHDAY CAMS

fotolia_37312030     TOPIC CAMS

fotolia_37312030     STANDARDCAMS

fotolia_37312030   Company Advertising cameras

fotolia_37312030      5 - er MINISET mit 1 Text

fotolia_37312030   BASTELSET

fotolia_37312030   REUSABLE CAMS

fotolia_37312030       CAM " DE LUXE "



You can use these motifs " Motive for individual Cams " , which we have purchased for the pimp of disposable cameras to download to pimp the cams.

We also point out that downloading solely for the purpose of drawing you purchased the camera company



                                                           Your own Cam

                                            To pimp your own PIMPCAM please click on the camera after your

                                                                        desired images have downloaded.






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