For many years now, the COLMIC brand is synonymous with high-level technical, research and development of materials and cutting edge design, strict control and uncompromised quality. All staff COLMIC is always conscious that in order to maintain the leading position in the market and to meet the expectations of excellence to its customers, to do the best is never enough.

The passion for fishing shall include the implementation of an innovative and high quality only when it is combined with adequate technical capacity. And 'why always COLMIC is one of the European companies that invest more in research and employs a technical staff of the highest standard.


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New Colmic Real XT 13ft Match Rod

Product no.: CBRE02A

£160.00 *
Old price £179.99

New Colmic RBS250 Match Holdall

Product no.: PR11ZA

£56.99 *
Old price £69.99

New Colmic One Airon

Product no.: PA0

from £399.99 *

New Colmic Airon Sliding Base Unit

Product no.: PA0905C

£69.99 *

New Colmic Real Square Carp Keepnet 4m

Product no.: NACR71B

£49.99 *

New Colmic Pro Feed 11ft Feeder Rod

Product no.: CAPRO01C

£52.99 *

New Colmic Pro Sprint 12ft Waggler Rod

Product no.: CBPRO02B

£54.99 *

New Colmic Zartan 300

Product no.: MULZAR30

£49.00 *
Old price £69.99

New Colmic Zartan 400

Product no.: MULZAR40

£49.00 *
Old price £69.99

New Colmic RBS 150 Holdall

Product no.: PR116A

£44.00 *

New Colmic Vienna Carryall

Product no.: Code: BO111

£42.00 *

New Colmic One Real Black

Product no.: PAO900A08

£630.00 *

New Colmic One Real White

Product no.: PAO900A09

£630.00 *

New Colmic SX550 Seat Box

Product no.: PAO710

£299.00 *

New Colmic Real Square Carp Keepnet 3.5m

Product no.: NACR71A

£46.99 *

Colmic Karper 3m Keepnet

Product no.: karper 3m

£34.99 / unit(s) *

New Colmic Force H1 Slim 10m Margin Pole

Product no.: force h1

£220.00 / unit(s) *
Old price £279.00

New Colmic Duro Rod Holdall: RBS XXL Rod Holdall

Product no.: duro xxl holdall

£94.00 / unit(s) *
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