Complete Home Fairy Experience Package

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Pop in the DVD (dont worry if you dont have a DVD player, we also have a digital version you can access from your PC, tablet or phone)

Get ready for our fairies to take you through many activities guaranteed to inspire and enthrawl you child.

The experience is suitable for ages 2.5- 8 years. If more than one child is taking part, you will need a kit per child

Activities include;

  • Making Fairy Dust
  • Wing Making
  • Adopting a baby fairy
  • Fairy Garden ideas
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Fairy Dancing (Songs included)
  • Fairy Meditation
  • The Wishing Tree
  • Making a Fairy Bracelet
  • Fairy Graduation
  • Extras Pack including miniature notelets and envelopes, a letter from the fairy Godmother and colouring sheets


Everything is included, you just need some simple items such as scissors, glue, twigs and leaves. Add on your own Fairy Egg for £9.99

You can pace the activities doing one each day/week, or you can set aside time to do all of the activities in a day. We recommend spreading the activities over a period of time for best results


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