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About Me

About Me

Brian Case

Pyrography Artist



A brief outline of me, my art and this shop.          



   My life as an artist started around 12 years old, when I discovered I could copy cartoon characters! As I got a little older I found I had a talent for ceramics (or pottery, as it was called then). My teacher encouraged me to pursue an 'O' level in art, but I had dreams of becoming a pilot which needed very different subjects. Sadly, my dream to fly was never realised, but I continued to sketch when I had some time. Over the years I developed a hobby interest in wood-turning, and I bought a pyrography pen to mark and brand my turnings. One of those "Light-Bulb" moments gave me the idea of using it to create a sketch, so thinking myself ever so clever, I drew a tree - ironically, I had never heard of pyrography as an art-form! Little did I know it has been around since Victorian times. 

   8 years ago, and in my late 40's, redundancy forced me to re-think my working future, and I am now doing what I should have done in school - better late than never! 

      Pyrography can be created on a variety of materials - leather, stone and even paper, but I work exclusively with wood. My art is drawn on either a panel of beech-faced plywood, or section of natural wood log which I season for at least 2 years and then cut in my workshop. I create my pyrography art by working from photographs, either those that I have taken, or those supplied to me by commissioning customers. 

              I pencil-draw the basic outlines and key features on to the wood - it is easy to correct mistakes at this stage - then burn the artwork into the wood. The work can take 3 - 4 hours to draw on a log section, and 8 hours or more for A4 ply panels. A3 panels take over 20 hours, and A2 in excess of 3 weeks!

             I sometimes use colour to enhance my pyrography, using either acrylic paint or "water pencils". The completed artwork is then either sprayed with a clear lacquer or given several coats of clear satin varnish. 


     This website is a fully functional ecommerce platform. The secure checkout is powered by PayPal, and customers can choose to register as clients or checkout as a guest. You can sign up for my monthly newsletter at the homepage, and I would be delighted if you would like and share this website on Facebook. 

   As wood is a natural material, everything I make is a one-off, so whether you purchase something for yourself or as a special gift for a loved one, you can be sure of a quality, hand crafted product that has been made entirely by my hand and is unique.

    Most of my wood art is commissioned directly by my clients, and I have examples of my pyrography artwork in 9 different countries (so far), but I also have lots of wood art I created just for the fun of it, and they are all available from this site. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me using the tab at the top of the page.