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How do I Commission a Pyrography Artwork?




Commissioning an artwork can seem a little daunting, so this page gives guidance. 

Firstly, email me or give me a call (my contact details are at the bottom of every page). I always work from photographs, so I will need a selection from you that show details of the subject you would like me to draw. You can email these to me, or post A4 prints but they MUST be on photographic paper. They will need to be;

A) In focus - I know this is obvious, but you'd be surprised! 

B) Show clear details of the subject. For example, deck gear, rigging, name etc of boats and yachts; or control surfaces, antennea, landing gear of aircraft. This list is pretty endless, but  should give you a better idea. 

C) Photos should be emailed to me as high resolution jpegs a minimum of 1.5mb file size. Don't be tempted to 'upscale' a small file size, as this will cause the photo to become 'blocky' or pixelated, I then wont be able to see the details I need to draw your artwork accurately. 

It is often a good idea to take some new photos with this in mind. A good piece of advice a mentor once gave me is "First decide what it is you are taking a photograph of". This may sound obvious until you consider how many people take a photo of their boat/car/kids etc, and end up with a photo of the sea/field/beach with the subject just a little dot in the middle! The answer is (again, obvious) to ZOOM IN. Fill the view-finder with the subject, but avoid cutting off the likes of the mast top, bow/stern detail, tail-fin etc. 

One more word of caution; dont be tempted to crop the photo to make the subject appear larger - this will always result in a low resolution image, which will become pixelated and pretty useless. 

I have included some images below which should give you a better idea of what I'm talking about.



"What are you taking a photograph of?"  Here we have the classic shot of the subject lost in the background.



Next is what can happen if you do an Extreme Crop, then resize to a large image file. See how the image becomes "pixelated" (Blocky). This is a common issue. 



Another common mistake is to get the focus perfect, but cut off the subjects extremities, as below.



So what we need is something like this. Good focus throughout the 'depth' of the subject (from the very back to the very front), and the entire subject in view. 

           squeaks_2_2          squeaks_4_1



My thanks to our little friend Squeaks, for modelling these photos! 


If you would prefer, I can travel to the subject to take the photos for you, but I do charge for this service. To see my prices for commissioned art and travel costs, click  HERE