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Just ​before this book went to print, the first five chapters were read

by Miranda Day, an English Literature graduate from Oxford University.

She described it as being "Thrilling and extraordinary!"

By looking into the mysteries of our past I believe there are logical explanations

to the fears that keep people away from the deep connection with Nature

they tell me they are looking for.

As I began exploring I found that by using intuition, I was able to find the

clues that are still there in our culture

which lead to explanations and which can set us free.

I found plausible answers to the Bronze Age mysteries of stone circles and

stone rows; and I dived into a joyful

exploration of evolution which, I believe, holds the three key

questions to finding happiness on Earth.

This book also shares several years worth of magical moments whilst

gathering wild food on the hunter-gatherer migration route

I discovered and wrote about in THE HUNTER-GATHERER WAY. 





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Putting back the apple
I was often asked to write this book by people who came on my wild food walks because there was never enough time to tell them all I knew - 
stories of hunting with Aborigines, Pygmies and Bushmen and the mindsets I picked up from them and then applied in Britain. I found they work here too even though the plants and landscapes are different but what remains the same is the timeless need to make life amazing and not just survivable.
THE HUNTER-GATHERER WAY isn't a How To book, it's a book that enables you to think in a new way, to make new connections between old assumptions and so make a totally different sense of the world, one in which you have a vital part to play and where Nature needs you and rewards you with long lost pleasures.  
By using this new found logic I made the most extraordinary discovery: that we are actually designed to fit into our landscape on an annual migration route. This route feeds every part of us, all year round. I call it "The Ring of the Wild Food Year".
The discovery of this route and how to live on wild food will be important in the future, of course, because it needs no fossil fuels or metals, but it's also having an amazing effect on people right now. They tell me how this kind of logic has finally opened their eyes and touched their soul and been the missing link they've always been looking for. Which would make sense, really, because once you find out how Nature wants you and needs you, your life suddenly has a far deeper meaning and purpose. 
Over the 10 years I pieced this puzzle together by making connections between what I experienced and fragments left in our culture, our myths and our longings. I knew I was finding extraordinary things because with each discovery came a deep "aha!" moment as another piece fitted together and opened up a whole new sphere of understanding. It was an unmistakable feeling of rightness because it's all so obvious once you know how it works and yet nobody else has noticed how it all fits together.
"The Ring of the Wild Food Year", still exists in our landscape and in ourselves, and if you have the tools to use your brain in the right way, you can find it too, and more.
THE HUNTER-GATHERER WAY will show you how to open up your intuitive thinking to a level that only you, as a hunter-gatherer can do.



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