About us



Austin Davis Biologics (ADB) is a science-based company founded in 2009. It’s a small, fast-moving company that delivers scientific innovations and technology across a wide range of sectors, from detailed consultancy, to patent support (including expert witness contributions), to project planning and technology evaluation. In the past 5 years ADB has set up its own laboratory with high quality, advanced instruments and equipment, enabling the company to develop its own proprietary technology and IP, through an R&D programme focussed on equine health.  EquiSal Tapeworm is the first product from this R&D programme to reach the market. An equivalent blood test for tapeworm in horses has also been developed and this has also reached the market in Q2 2014. Other equine health products are also in development, diagnostics for complex equine wounds and diagnostics for other gut parasites.

The vision of ADB is to bring high quality, rigorous scientific research to bear on horse health and performance. The objective is to make highly effective new products available to horses and their owners at affordable prices, thereby improving the quality of life for horses and enhancing the enjoyment of horse ownership and horse care for owners and professionals.