Previous News Updates

01/09/2020: COVID-19: TEMPORARY CLOSURE, due to the passing of a number of close family and friends the decision has been made to close until mid-2021. 

16/03/2020: COVID-19: Staff are working from home and orders are being dispatched as normal. 

29/07/2019: I am finally fully back to work after a spinal injury suffered last September. It has been a long and hard road at specialist medical centres and intense physio programme but is good to be back and Business as Usual is now resumed. Adrian

09/01/2018: Health Update - With new meds I am able to get around again which means it should soon be back to Business as Usual in the very near future. The back injury sustained while at my other job as a firefighter at the begining of September last year turned out to be worse than thought with prolapsed discs and nerve issues down my legs. I have been going through various therapies and am back on my feet with a rehab stay at the end of the month to start strengthening and realigning everything as best as possible. 

26/09/2018: After suffering a back injury while on a call out as a firefighter at the beginning of September I am gingerly making a return to the office this week and starting to work through the backlog. Please bear with me as this may take a week or so to get round to everyone.

13/07/2018: Best_in_Show We are so very honoured to announce that at last weekends Sevenoaks exhibition we were voted best in show. Thank you to everyone who attended and made it an extremely enjoyable event.

12/07/2018: After a number of weeks we now have internet & phone connections fixed after an issue at the junction box down the road. Any e-mails and orders placed in this time that we had no possible way of seeing/getting to will be sorted after our return from this weekends event. Our sincere apologies for this unforseen inconveniance.

10/04/2018: Falcon / Master Piece Figures are now in the process of being added in OO and O gauges 

20/03/2018: We are now on instagram instagram if you would like to follow us to see what we are upto @harrisonbrownmodels 

21/02/2018: New items instock from from various product lines. See New Arrivals / Re-Stocks 

10/01/2018: New items instock from Revell and Plastic Soldiers. See New Arrivals / Re-Stocks

30/11/2017: We are very pleased to announce that we have added the popular range of Videolines DVD's (with Heritage in Motion DVD's to follow) and now have a healthy stock of Revell Star Wars kits in-stock. Also we have started carrying the amazing Simply Southern range as well!!! Check out all these great ranges in the online store option to the left.

Videolines Star_Wars Simply_Southern

13/11/2017: New exhibition layout update to Corscombe's update page.

12/11/2017: New exhibition layout update to Corscombe's update page.

31/10/2017: New exhibition layout update to Corscombe's update page.

18/10/2017: All stock levels are active again and correct now that we are on top of managing Emma's health conditions and more items are being added daily. Note: Fire Engine Kits will be re-activated shortly once we verify which items have been discontinued.

18/09/2017: Todays progress on Corscombe has been updated on its pages in the Exhibition Layouts section of the Exhibitions category. 

8/03/2017: It has been noted that the migration issues have returned and e-mails are not getting through and a lot of web- pages have become backdated and showing old items or sold out items as being in-stock. We are now working tirelessly to repair/rebuild and hope to have everything as it should be again over the next 4-5 days.

11/10/16: Due to the rising costs we shall no longer be attending Warners shows until further notice.

10/10/16: After a long run of hospital visits & stays Emma now has a diagnosis for the what has been causing her serious attacks for the last couple of years. This now means we know what we are dealing with & are getting on top of how to manage it.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have passed on your best wishes & messages of support.

14/4/16: All products are now correct from the migration issues & work is underway to add the missing pictures & product details. New product lines are also about to be added.

A large list of e-mails dating over a length time have also just appeared in the in-box so efforts are now underway to respond to all.

Updated show list will be uploaded by the end of next week if not sooner.

28/3/16: Due to a busy workload & numerous medical appointments the re-building work has been slow but all items in the Adhesives & Die-Cast categories are fixed from the web-site migration issues with more items being added.

9/3/16: All items in the Adhesives & Die-Cast categories are fixed & correct.

25/2/16: The migration problems/muddle are now in the process of being re-organised & the site is gradually coming back together again, thank you all for your patience.