2.a Amal TT Carburettor Parts

2.a Amal TT Carburettor Parts

2.a Amal TT Carburettor Parts
Parts for Amal TT racing carburettors

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Amal TT Parts - Information Section

Product no.: 0136 Info4
Listed here are reproduction parts to fit Amal TT carburettors. There were many variations of TT carburettors made over the years, with some subtle differences between pre-war and post-war versions. Norton carburettors were also slightly different to other makes. The majority of the parts shown here are generic and will fit all models.
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Driven Defender/Booster - Lead Replacement Plus Octane Booster - 295ml Bottle

Product no.: 0685 Octane2

Driven Defender and Booster - Lead Replacement Plus Octane Booster - 295ml Bottle

£14.50 *
In stock
can be shipped within 30 days

10TT Mixing Chamber Cap Ring

Product no.: 0137 TT/3338
- Lovely quality chromed chamber cap to fit all 10TT Amal Carburetters -The type shown here is the type originally fitted to post-war TT carburettors, where the ring was secured using the retainer spring shown below (4/307) - Unfortunately the original pre-war type (which used a wider mixing chamber top and lockscrew) are no longer available. Therefore if you are replacing a pre-war type you will need to replace both the cap and chamber, as they are a matched pair. Note: RN Caps are a different diameter, so these will not fit. I am currently having a small batch of RN caps made - should be available Autumn 2009
£22.00 *

10TT/RN Mixing Chamber Top

Product no.: 0138 TT/3334
- Turned aluminium choke top piece, that holds throttle cable adjuster - As with 0137, quality is lovely and as a pair they really transform a tatty carburettor - As this is the post war type, should be used in conjunction with TT/3338 and 4/307 spring
£22.00 *

10TT Top Ring Retainer Spring

Product no.: 0139 1/77
- Top ring retainer spring that fits behind lockring of bellmouth on late TT carbs - Note : this ring was not fitted to earlier TT carbs, that instead used a locking pin in the top of the mixing chamber top
£13.50 *

10TT BellMouth - Short Length

Product no.: 0140a TT/BellS

- Supplied in 1 and 1\8" size, which can then be machined out larger if you wish to do so (Enquire, if you require other sizes, I may be able to get them) - This bellmouth is short length, which is a size commonly fitted to road going Norton International's

£40.00 *

10TT BellMouth - Medium Length

Product no.: 0140b TT/BellM

- Supplied in 1 and 1\8" size, which can then be machined out larger if you wish to do so (Enquire, if you require other sizes, I may be able to get them) - This bellmouth is medium length, which I have found to be the standard bellmouth used on most racing Internationals

£42.00 *

10TT BellMouth - Long Length

Product no.: 0141 TT/BellL

- Supplied in 1 and 1/8" size, which can then be machined out larger if you wish to do so - This bellmouth is long length and was used on some SOHC Manx's, particularly with RN's

£44.00 *

10TT BellMouth Lockring

Product no.: 0142 TT/119
- Locks the bellmouth in place. On post-war TT carbs, it serves a dual purpose of locking the retainer spring - Helpful hint : to correctly fit these, buy a Girling shock absorber adjuster C-Ring spanner, then file the tang on the smaller C, it will be the perfect tool for locking these without damage to the ring
£10.00 *

10TT Throttle Slide

Product no.: 0143 134/104
- High quality reproduction slide to fit Amal 10TT Carburetter - N0. 5 and No. 7 LH slide sizes kept in stock (most common sizes for 500cc International and SOHC Manx Nortons). - No 4 slide also in stock, as fitted to early Model 40 350cc Internationals. - Other sizes available by special order
£55.00 *

TT/RN/GP Throttle - Conical Spring

Product no.: 0144 TT/2558

- Correct type conical throttle spring to fit Amal TT. RN and GP racing Carburetter's

£5.00 *
In stock

TT Throttle Cable Adjuster And Locknut

Product no.: 0145 TT/3360/9
- This is the throttle cable adjuster and locknut, however the thread size is 7/32 x 40tpi, which is slightly finer than the original. On some carb tops they are non threaded to accept this adjuster, which is a simple mod to the threaded type
£3.00 *
In stock

TT Throttle Adapter Location Peg

Product no.: 0146 134/105
- This is the small threaded peg that locates the throttle adapter body in the main choke barrel (originals always seem to be rusty!)
£2.80 *
In stock

TT Carburetter Needles

Product no.: 0147 TT/3971

- TT Carburetter needles

£11.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 15 days

TT Needle Clip

Product no.: 0148 4/230
- TT Carburetter needle clips
£1.80 *
In stock

TT/RN Jet Holder

Product no.: 0150 15/625

- High quality cadmium plated brass main/pilot jet holder to fit both TT and RN carburetters - Nicely finished with clean crisp machining

£24.00 *
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can be shipped within 15 days

TT/RN Jet Holder Plug Screw

Product no.: 0151 TT/3348
- Nicely finished plug screw, fits at base of carburetter, over main jet - Made from brass as per the original and cadmium plated, this item includes that all important drilled bottom dimple so that it can be lockwired (unlike many other pattern versions)
£11.00 *
In stock

TT Main Jets

Product no.: 0153 TT/3326

TT Main Jets - Most sizes available but the following common Norton SOHC sizes kept in stock: 260/280


/450/460/500/520 and

1300/1600 (methanol). Other sizes (including bigger methanol up to 1900) available to order. Email if you need more information or assistance. Note: TT main jets are also the same as those fitted to Amal RN and Amal GP carbs.

£4.50 *

TT Pilot Needle

Product no.: 0154 TT/2981

- High quality Pilot Needle to fit TT carburetter - Brass barrel, chrome plated for attractive finish - Type shown is later type (it has a flat face). Earlier pre-war type (with slightly different knurl and central outdent) is no longer available. Both types are interchanable and identical in operation

£14.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 15 days

TT Pilot Needle Insert

Product no.: 0155 TT/2966

- TT brass pilot needle insert (the bit that the pilot needle screws into)

£8.50 *
In stock
can be shipped within 15 days

TT Pilot Needle Inner Spring

Product no.: 0156 TT/2980

- coil spring that fits inside the TT Pilot Needle

£2.10 *
In stock

TT Pilot Needle - Leaf Spring

Product no.: 0157 TT/2982
- TT pilot needle spring, as per the original item
£7.00 *

TT Pilot Needle Rear Plug Screw

Product no.: 0158 TT/2403
- Small screw that fits on body behind Pilot Needle - Like the throttle adapter peg, this item is often found rusty on original carbs
£2.50 *
In stock

TT (and RN) Float Chamber Twin Banjo

Product no.: 0159 14/251B
- Banjo to fit TT and RN competition carburettors
£25.00 *
In stock

TT (and RN) Float Chamber Banjo Nut

Product no.: 0160 14/255

- Banjo Nut to fit TT and RN competition carburettors. - As per original, including the hole at the bottom for lockwiring - Note: this type of banjo was also used on the later Type 302 floatchamber, used on later RN and GP1 carburettors. On these floatchambers the banjo was normally fitted on the top. (see also the GP section for other Type 302 parts)

£14.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 15 days

TT (and RN) Float Chamber Needle (For Type 14 Float Chamber)

Product no.: 0161 14/245
- Brass float chamber needle, as per the original
£13.00 *
In stock

14/024 Float Needle for Amal 276 and early TT Floatchambers

Product no.: 0613 14_024

Brass float needle to fit the Amal 276 type floatchambers and the early (mainly pre-war) type floatchamber.  

£13.00 *

TT (and RN) Float Tickler Kit

Product no.: 0162 14/031(S)
- 4 part tickler kit for TT/RN standard size float chamber. This float tickler fits the standard screw in (Type 76) floatchamber top, not the larger 1948 onwards Type 302 floatchamber used on Gardgengate and Featherbed Manx's. See GP section for the lat
£8.00 *
In stock

TT (and RN) Top Cover Lock Screw

Product no.: 0163 14/021
- This is the lock screw fitted on the top of the Amal screw cover fitted to TT, RN (and standard pre-monobloc) type floatchambers
£6.00 *
In stock

TT Carburettor Washer Kit

Product no.: 0164 36/006a

- Full washer kit for Amal TT carburettors 

£4.50 *
In stock
can be shipped within 60 days
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